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What is a virtual employee?

A virtual employee is a real physical staff located in another part of the globe but takes orders from you via email or phone. He or she works exclusively for you for the duration of the plan you’ve opted for. Being in a different time zone (typically Asia), you could leave instructions before leaving your office and have them fulfilled by the time you return to office the next day morning.

You could have other virtual employees working for you during your working day so effectively you could have staff working round the clock and it would still cost you a fraction of what you would pay in (say) Singapore.

What is Vantage Nine all about?

Vantage Nine is a Back Office resource provider that typically providers qualified and experienced virtual staff to any business entity anywhere in the Globe. Our clients include Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Doctors, IT Companies, Real Estate Firms, Hotels and even individual businessmen requiring temporary staff.

What shift hours can my virtual employee work?

We have virtual staff available to work for all shifts.

Where your virtual employees are located?

Our virtual staff are all located within India.

Why should I hire Vantage Nine Virtual Staff?

Our supervisors make sure the staff have understood the tasks you’ve set out for them and on completion, all your tasks are double checked by our project managers. You are therefore assured that the job is well done and to your satisfaction.
Any data received from you or generated by us for you will be treated as confidential.

How are you different than UpWork?

There really is no comparison – we are far superior to UpWork by the fact that our virtual staff are supervised. Our pricing is fair and transparent. We do not take a project and then try to renegotiate the rate. With us, you are dealing with a corporate not an individual who might start your project and suddenly give it up the moment he or she receives something more lucrative.

How do I work with my virtual staff?

You will be provided with an email address and phone number for the staff selected to work with you.

Do I have to train my virtual staff?

Unless your work requires them to do something unique, you won’t have to train them. Our virtual staff are all graduates, skilled in English and proficient in using the computer.

What if we need to send some material across such as CD’s?

We do have courier services in India including FedEx

Could you handle support queries?

Yes, our responses will be from one of the several dedicated US numbers available to us.

Can my virtual employee manage higher level tasks such as edit and format a presentation?

Definitely Yes. We have highly skilled and qualified staff available.

How about video and or audio editing?

Yes, some of our staff can handle that too.

How do I get started?

Please sign up, select a plan and your dedicated virtual employee is ready to work on your to-do list.