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Transforming your action plans into a reality

Knowledge and Expertise

Our virtual employees have the expertise and the skill sets to cater to different types of jobs in various fields. Their expertise comes from long experience working at domestic and international level. V9 virtual employees have a hands-on approach to the task; they are experts in understanding the customer’s need and providing the required services.

Commitment to Quality

For us, reasonable pricing does not mean a compromise in quality standards. V9 employees are committed to providing quality service promptly and efficiently at a reasonable price.

Customer Focus

We believe that our success depends on the customer’s success. V9 employees are trained to focus on the needs of the customer and provide services accordingly. Our customer focussed approach to the job at hand helps customers achieve their business goals easily.


Vantage Nine has a well- equipped R&D department with marketing offices and strategic partners located around the world. We have a large pool of qualified and talented personnel as well as the latest technological resources. As a customer, you have access to these resources and can make use of them to further promote your business.

Our employees are utilised by small businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals around the world.

Customer Service

At V9, we believe that our “Customer is King” and therefore customer support is our top priority. We are always available to resolve any issues and can be reached either by telephone, e-mail or web forms. Our qualified and well experienced staff use the latest technology and management skills to manage your project and deliver results within the set deadlines and budgets.

Managing The Risks

V9 employees are well experienced in managing the risks that might come up in any of the outsourced tasks. They are trained to mitigate those risks and manage the project so as to meet customer deadlines.

Planning your future business strategy

At Vantage Nine, we understand the customer’s need for judicious use of financial resources. Our employees are trained to define a plan , execute it within set budgets and present it to you for review. V9 services are good value for money.

Our Principles

Commitment and Integrity

At Vantage Nine, we value honesty and integrity which are the core values we are committed to follow. Our virtual employees persevere in the face of challenges so that the customer receives the best quality service from our side. We conduct ourselves with honesty as individuals, as a team and as a company.

Customer Value

To all of us at Vantage Nine the customer is king. We realize that the success of our company relies on our customer’s success. Therefore, our staff members ensure that the jobs taken up are completed quickly, efficiently and to perfection. We know that our reputation is dependent on the goodwill of our customers and we constantly work to satisfy them while also creating good customer value.


The quality of our work speaks for itself. V9 believes in building lasting business relations by earning customer trust and credibility. Our virtual employees are trained to perform diligently and efficiently in line with the customer’s needs so that they are completely satisfied with the final results.

Our People are our Strength

At Vantage Nine we believe that our strength lies in our multi-talented and qualified employees. And we commend their ability, talent and creativity to come up with innovative ideas and ways to manage the business functions efficiently. We inspire and support each other so that each person individually and collectively performs to the best of his/her ability.

Creating an Intelligent Workforce

V9 hopes to build up a team of intelligent individuals who have the knowledge, the rich experiences and the capability to create a workforce that delivers high quality service to our customers. We hope to display a “can do” attitude and strive to find the right solutions to each and every problem we face in the course of our work.

We are Constantly Learning

Vantage Nine encourages its staff members to constantly reinvent themselves and nurture a passion for learning, keeping themselves informed of the latest trends in the industry and international quality standards while also being open to new ideas.

Respecting Diverse Perspectives

We believe our virtual employees have diverse perspectives that must be respected in order to strengthen our commitment towards our customers. We consider that a conducive and flexible work environment attracts the best talent that allows us to perform better, earn customer trust and build up credibility for our company.

We Deliver Solution with the Goal ofA Trusting Relationships

Appropriate for your specific business, making it easy for you to have quality IT services.